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The other night I was looking out at the sky when, all of a sudden, a couple of meteors streaked down like a flash of summer lightening! A man once said, “Christian life is like that, at some unsuspecting moment, God may seem very near. Your child is desperately ill. You pray and pray. Then, inexplicably, the doctor says, “She’s out of danger.” Few of us will have a vision like Isaiah had; where the heavenly creatures sing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy,’ (Isaiah 6) nor, like St. Paul when he was knocked off his feet on the road to Damascus (Acts 9). But God still visits us. My friend in North Dakota always tells his congregation to be on the lookout for God in the ordinary. “Coincidences are simply times when God acts—and chooses to remain anonymous!”

We all go on our journey of faith. And most of the time it’s not with the lights of meteors and comets, but with the light of the faithful flickering stars. Ever notice how when you get used to the dark, after your eyes adjust, the night sky isn’t dark at all: it’s full of light! In the same way as we go on our journey of life together, we have the promises of God, and with that, we have everything that we need.

Rev. Mark Kindem


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