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October and November 2018


Consecration Sunday coming up:  Oct. 7, 2018

Bethel has been having ‘Consecration Sunday’ for several years now.  It is because we all have an important part in the financial support of our congregation that we continue to do this.  One of the questions a young boy once asked me was: “Why do you give your money away?”  It caused me to wonder: “Good question”!  Why do we give our money away?  I remember a Sunday School song that I learned many years ago, and it is still sung today:  “We love, because God first loved us”.  Why do we give?  We give because God first gave to us!  God has given us ourselves, our time, and our possessions, all signs of His gracious love.  But more gracious by far: God has given us His only Son our Lord!  Jesus Christ.  And Jesus gave his life for us!  For us!  So why do we give?  We give because it is an act of worship; we give sacrificially, that is we forgo something else in order to give; we give of what we often hold dear; we give as an expression of our faith - that God will provide, even if we give “first fruits”, or “off the top”; and we give because God first gave and continues still, to give to us.  Thank you for giving and sharing yourselves and your finances with Bethel. 

The 85th annual Concordia Christmas Concert "Today, Heaven Sings" will be performed Friday, November 30 at 7 p.m. 

Please join us for a bus trip leaving Bethel at 2:00 p.m., eating supper at the dining service at Concordia College (on your own) and then the concert.  We will leave for Bemidji after the concert.

Tickets for the motor coach and concert will be $25.00 each.  Please sign up in the office.  Pastor Kindem will order the tickets on October 30th when they go on sale. 

Rev. Mark Kindem


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